Brza i besplatna dostava za 2 dana - za sve narudžbe veće od 5000RSD (Srbija).
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Feeder TUNEL -39%
53 RSD 33 RSD Ex Tax: 27 RSD
Gamakatsu G-Line Element - Dark Brown -34%
This very tough yet smooth-surfaced co-polymer reel line combines a wide variety of unique character..
1.730 RSD 1.148 RSD Ex Tax: 957 RSD
SPRO Scale -26% Out Of Stock
Range of fishing scales. ..
818 RSD 607 RSD Ex Tax: 506 RSD
Vision Aqua Day Pack -10%
Potpuno vodootporn ranac predviđen da u njega spakujete svu potrebnu garderobu za jednodnevni odlaza..
14.612 RSD 13.080 RSD Ex Tax: 10.900 RSD
600D Strategy Thermo Baiting Bag -44%
A very practical waist bag with an adjustable belt and an optional strap for your neck to keep the b..
2.056 RSD 1.145 RSD Ex Tax: 954 RSD
Cresta Blackthorn feeder -30%
Cresta Blackthorne Feeder With this brand new Blackthorne series, Cresta provides a complete range o..
14.910 RSD 10.495 RSD Ex Tax: 8.746 RSD
Cresta Hurricane Spedlifter Tele -22%
The Cresta Hurricane Speedlifter is very powerful thanks to the hard carbon and the plug-in connecti..
7.930 RSD 6.164 RSD Ex Tax: 5.137 RSD
Cresta Identity Feeder -35%
Visokokvalitetni karbonski feeder štapovi specijalno dizajnirani da omoguće dug upotrebni vek. Osetl..
24.050 RSD 15.629 RSD Ex Tax: 13.024 RSD
Cresta Latex Bait Band -28%
three sizes, also available in loose packs of 100pcs.Code: 4714 502 - 3,2mm Code: 4714 503 - 4,..
505 RSD 366 RSD Ex Tax: 305 RSD
Cresta Snyper Heavy Feeder -31%
Feeder fish is very popular with many anglers. Logically, because on virtually every water this meth..
9.990 RSD 6.868 RSD Ex Tax: 5.723 RSD
Cresta Snyper Medium Feeder -22%
Feeder fishing is very popular amongst many fishermen. And it is quite logical as this style of fish..
8.250 RSD 6.412 RSD Ex Tax: 5.344 RSD
Cresta Snyper Method Power Feeder -22%
Feeder fish is very popular with many anglers. Logically, because on virtually every water this meth..
8.250 RSD 6.412 RSD Ex Tax: 5.344 RSD
Cresta Solith Extream feeder -25%
Specially designed for extreme river fishing, Cresta developed this 4.20m EXTREME HEAVY version with..
14.910 RSD 11.177 RSD Ex Tax: 9.314 RSD
Cresta Team Feeder 150m -35%
Cresta Sinking Feeder Mono is a sinking, strong and supple monofilament designed for Feeder fishing...
678 RSD 440 RSD Ex Tax: 367 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.
Cresta Team Feeder Carpfeeder M -25%
Serija Medium fider (feeder) štapova brenda SPRO/Cresta napravljena da bude naslednik legendarnog mo..
6.060 RSD 4.543 RSD Ex Tax: 3.786 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.
Gamakatsu Altemiss Swimbait -32%
Altemiss blanks are purpose designed and uncompromisingly equipped to meet the expectation of the av..
26.102 RSD 17.815 RSD Ex Tax: 14.846 RSD
Gamakatsu Destrada Drop Shot Motion -21%
Special dropshot rods for deeper waters. Using high-modulus carbon fibres allowed the sensitivity to..
31.390 RSD 24.909 RSD Ex Tax: 20.758 RSD
Gamakatsu Destrada Versatile Fine Tip Sensor MH -32%
​A very versatile rod , developed with the specialized pike angler in mind. The combination of a str..
28.110 RSD 19.184 RSD Ex Tax: 15.986 RSD
Gamakatsu G-glasses Streamer Lemon Lime -18% Out Of Stock
Nova serija Gamakatsu polarizacionih naočara za ribolov. Moderan dizajna, odličn..
2.752 RSD 2.270 RSD Ex Tax: 1.892 RSD