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This solid aluminum bait table offers sufficient space for bait and accessories and fits on round le..
4.400 RSD Ex Tax: 3.667 RSD
With this product, Cresta meets the fisherman's demand for a chair that is stable and above all a bi..
19.810 RSD Ex Tax: 16.508 RSD
Cresta Blackthorn Compact Chair Out Of Stock
Following the great success of the Cresta High feeder chair, there is now a lower version with a uni..
18.330 RSD Ex Tax: 15.275 RSD
Because the Combi Rest from Cresta is equipped with a clamp on one side and a screw thread on the ot..
1.600 RSD Ex Tax: 1.333 RSD
This fixed rod support offers optimal protection to the rod thanks to the foam and is provided with ..
1.730 RSD Ex Tax: 1.442 RSD
The telescopic feeder arm is directly equipped with a 90 degree mounting for the correct mounting of..
3.330 RSD Ex Tax: 2.775 RSD