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Nets / Netsy / Gaff

Nets / Netsy / Gaff
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Wood landing net made out of extra strong and good looking hardwood together with the latest epoxy r..
14.280 RSD Ex Tax: 11.900 RSD
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Big Waller Clonck Out Of Stock
Both models are comfortable to hold and they are very versatile in use. They are very effective to a..
2.331 RSD Ex Tax: 1.943 RSD
Especially for those anglers that appreciate a lightweight and slim diameter handle, Cresta develope..
12.980 RSD Ex Tax: 10.817 RSD
These net handles have been developed for fine mesh, rubber or nano-mesh pannets. These have a highe..
9.310 RSD Ex Tax: 7.758 RSD
The Clubwinner Round Ultra Fine Mesh keepnets are generally designed for fishing on commercials, whe..
3.820 RSD Ex Tax: 3.183 RSD
Cresta Competition Micro Nano Carp Lifter Out Of Stock
Featuring a durable spreader block. The special bottom construction ensures fish lie in the centre w..
2.916 RSD Ex Tax: 2.430 RSD
Cresta Competition Universal Handle (Put-over) Out Of Stock
Put-over carbon net handle with short end section and sturdy head for easy handling. An attractive h..
5.504 RSD Ex Tax: 4.586 RSD
It’s becoming more and more popular to put your fish straight from the landing net basket into the k..
6.360 RSD Ex Tax: 5.300 RSD
The Durable Square Tuff Mesh keepnets are manufactured with the same high standards as the round one..
8.410 RSD Ex Tax: 7.008 RSD
Light, sturdy and made of fish-friendly non-absorbing material. A hair and stopper can’t get stuck t..
1.750 RSD Ex Tax: 1.458 RSD
Soft micro-mesh nets for all species. ​Size : 50 x 30 x 30cm ..
1.920 RSD Ex Tax: 1.600 RSD
Soft micro-mesh nets for all species. Size : 50 x 30 x 30cm ..
2.020 RSD Ex Tax: 1.683 RSD
This extremely robust put-over landing net handle is made of a very thick-walled material and has a ..
4.790 RSD Ex Tax: 3.992 RSD
Made using rubber coating making them extremely wear-resistant. The small and medium version are rel..
1.880 RSD Ex Tax: 1.567 RSD
This extremely robust telescopic landing net handle is made of a very thick-walled material and is f..
4.520 RSD Ex Tax: 3.767 RSD
These Ultra-Light pannets are perfect for roach and perch. The light weight nets are still comfortab..
1.980 RSD Ex Tax: 1.650 RSD
Teleskopski aluminijski meredov sa veoma popularnom cenom.Prečnik otvora na mreži 5mm.Model&..
1.260 RSD Ex Tax: 1.050 RSD
A carp landingnet from 40 inches wide ( 100cm ), with a single piece handle made of durable composit..
3.170 RSD Ex Tax: 2.642 RSD
Durable carp net combo which comes with an indestructable glass fibre handle from 1.80 meter length...
3.830 RSD Ex Tax: 3.192 RSD