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Pants / Suit

Pants / Suit
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• Functional trousers of comfortable strong T/C (polyester/cotton) shell fabric • Surface with DuPo..
5.960 RSD Ex Tax: 4.967 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.
Great fishing and casual trousers in mix of strong 60% polyester/ 40% cotton fabric Durable wat..
5.340 RSD Ex Tax: 4.450 RSD
Lightweight two-piece rainsuit in strong shell fabric of 65% polyester/35% PVC 100% waterproof ..
2.472 RSD Ex Tax: 2.060 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.
Deluxe high performance 2-pcs thermo suit in great design at great value!Durable 100% polyest..
13.990 RSD Ex Tax: 11.658 RSD
Gamakatsu Hyper Thermal Suit Out Of Stock
This 320T Nylon Taslon Gamakatsu branded Thermal suit is an extremely warm thermal suit with fleece ..
28.400 RSD Ex Tax: 23.666 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.
Gamakatsu Hyper Thermal Suit Khaki -12%
Gamakatsu Hyper Thermal Suit Khaki• Outer: 320T nylon taslon • Offers extreme warmth • Breatha..
28.400 RSD 25.020 RSD Ex Tax: 20.850 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.
• 100% Ripstop Nylon  • Breathable, water and windproof nylon fabric  • With ripstop con..
14.080 RSD Ex Tax: 11.733 RSD
SPRO Kišno odelo NEW Out Of Stock
9.260 RSD Ex Tax: 7.717 RSD
• Modern and timeless design • Made from 100% Polyester • Lightweight and easy to clean • Back an..
6.530 RSD Ex Tax: 5.442 RSD
Comfortable and warm for all season use. This Strategy Thermal Suit is specially designed so you can..
15.280 RSD Ex Tax: 12.733 RSD
Outer: 320T nylon Taslon Offers extreme warmth Breathability 5L/m2/24 hour 100% waterproof ..
16.980 RSD Ex Tax: 14.150 RSD
No matter if you’re standing by the reservoir or in a boat on Baltic coast, these waterproof and bre..
14.414 RSD Ex Tax: 12.012 RSD
Are you bored to look boring when you go fishing? Get yourself into these and nobody knows that you’..
27.480 RSD Ex Tax: 22.900 RSD
For season 2018 we updated our Subzero pants by changing the colour and lifting the waist a bit high..
13.800 RSD Ex Tax: 11.500 RSD