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Klasična mušičarska struna potpuno redizajnirana. Prvobitna namena je da bude jasno vidljiva, k..
3.960 RSD Ex Tax: 3.300 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.
Floating fly line, tapered at both ends, it can fish for twice as long as a long-distance casting li..
1.990 RSD Ex Tax: 1.658 RSD
Pllivajuća mušičarska struna sa odličnim odnosom cene i kvaliteta, idealna za manje iskusne ribolovc..
3.480 RSD Ex Tax: 2.900 RSD
Bäkkäri is a new extensive (12 products) backing family for the season 2013. It consists of strength..
576 RSD Ex Tax: 480 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.
Big Mama is a perfect line for bulky and heavy flies. The profile is a reverse compound taper with a..
10.680 RSD Ex Tax: 8.900 RSD
Vision Grand Daddy fly lines are the offspring of Vision's famous Big Daddy fly lines. Like its pred..
9.960 RSD Ex Tax: 8.300 RSD
Tane fly line is available both as a traditional weight forward (WF) line with a 11m head and as a d..
9.480 RSD Ex Tax: 7.900 RSD
Our new fly line is designed for nymph fishing, especially for Polish/Czech/French Nymph techniques...
6.101 RSD Ex Tax: 5.084 RSD
High-floating XO is our most advanced flyline. It has our new STD™ taper making it one of the easies..
10.800 RSD Ex Tax: 9.000 RSD