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Dvodelni mušičarski štap napravljen od IM-7 karbona visokog modula. Opremljen je titanijumskim provo..
5.100 RSD Ex Tax: 4.250 RSD
This small but fine series includes real dream rods, perfectly processed to the last detail. Based o..
7.990 RSD Ex Tax: 6.658 RSD
Jednoručni četvorodelni mušičasrski štap/mahač medium akcije. Blank štapa je mat siv, a opremljen je..
9.480 RSD Ex Tax: 7.900 RSD
Četvorodelni jednoručni mahač predviđen za ribolov na velike suve mušice i teške strimere. Ovo je id..
34.200 RSD Ex Tax: 28.500 RSD
Fishermen all over Europe enjoyed our Cult rods. A rod doesn’t always necessarily have to be stiff. ..
70.560 RSD Ex Tax: 58.800 RSD
Vision EKA represent the new entry level rods from Vision, offering unprecedented value for money. E..
14.000 RSD Ex Tax: 11.667 RSD
Looking for a new best friend for ventures out on the water? Looking for that ultimate all-round fis..
52.680 RSD Ex Tax: 43.900 RSD
Fisu (nickname for a fish in Finnish) kits have medium fast 4 – piece rods with dark green blanks an..
23.760 RSD Ex Tax: 19.800 RSD
Sometimes it’s nice to take things slowly. This goes for casting as well and our latest fully 100% f..
34.200 RSD Ex Tax: 28.500 RSD
This is a range of rods which are especially targeted for coastal fishing for seatrout, sea bass, ma..
52.680 RSD Ex Tax: 43.900 RSD
The fastest of all Vision rods. These tip action, four piece rods will surprise you with their great..
39.600 RSD Ex Tax: 33.000 RSD
Saltwater fly fishing is becoming ever more popular also in Europe. Vision has been offering special..
89.396 RSD Ex Tax: 74.496 RSD
Nymphmaniac rods have been designed together with some of the best competition anglers in Europe inc..
43.080 RSD Ex Tax: 35.900 RSD
Our new full-scale rod series Onki (rod&line in English) consists of 11 carefully created medium..
31.080 RSD Ex Tax: 25.900 RSD
Our contribution celebrating Finland’s 100th anniversary on 06.12.2017. Sisu rods will replace our l..
57.480 RSD Ex Tax: 47.900 RSD
Modern design with fast action. Stifu will push the tightest loops against a stiff headwind. With th..
45.000 RSD Ex Tax: 37.500 RSD
Jednoručni mahač srednje brze (medium fast) akcije. Blank je crne boje sa zlatno-žutim slovima, a im..
39.600 RSD Ex Tax: 33.000 RSD
Venus rods are powerful rods for real saltwater fishing. No matter if you are targeting fast and sne..
52.680 RSD Ex Tax: 43.900 RSD
We started the XO project in 2013. The goal was to make a rod that exceeds all the rods we've made s..
89.400 RSD Ex Tax: 74.500 RSD