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Other Rods
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Special rod for still fishing for carp. At a length of just 10” the rod is very handy and can be tra..
6.350 RSD Ex Tax: 5.292 RSD
Štapovi s 'Anti-Crack' tehnologijomNaslednik Balzerove vrlo popularne MX-3 Bulldog serije su sad..
4.570 RSD Ex Tax: 3.808 RSD
Balzer Xanadu Tele 70 Out Of Stock
The successor series of the Blackjack impresses with balanced blanks made of IM-6 carbon fiber, nobl..
3.880 RSD Ex Tax: 3.233 RSD
The perfect choice for every saltwater fishing trip. The medium heavy blanks can deal with almost ev..
2.660 RSD Ex Tax: 2.217 RSD
Based on 4 reviews.
Telescopic rods especially designed for distance surf casting. Easy to transport and to store. • St..
3.030 RSD Ex Tax: 2.525 RSD
Our candidates for the tough jobs. Suitable for sea fishing and small to medium-sized catfish...
4.020 RSD Ex Tax: 3.350 RSD
With the Backbone series we have managed to keep the price low, without compromising the quality. Hi..
3.990 RSD Ex Tax: 3.325 RSD
Based on 2 reviews.
DAM Camaro Spin Out Of Stock
Spin fishing rods in the most popular sizes. Made out of hollow fiberglass but still sensitive and f..
1.748 RSD Ex Tax: 1.457 RSD
Long, strong, powerful telescopic rods that are mainly used to fish with a baitfish for pike. The lo..
4.090 RSD Ex Tax: 3.408 RSD
Telescopic surf rod ideal for sea shore fishing. • 24 T carbon blank • Saltwater resistant compone..
4.770 RSD Ex Tax: 3.975 RSD
The DAM Spezi Stick II rods are the latest generation of one of the most popular and successful DAM ..
4.290 RSD Ex Tax: 3.575 RSD
Based on 2 reviews.
The DAM Spezi Stick II rods are the latest generation of one of the most popular and successful DAM ..
4.710 RSD Ex Tax: 3.925 RSD
Maver Falcon Tele Boat New
Series rods from Boat is characterized by sturdiness, versatility and ease of use, it is suitable fo..
3.520 RSD Ex Tax: 2.933 RSD
Excellent Series of bolentino rods in two pieces with very sensitive fiber Glass tip. Very good fini..
4.100 RSD Ex Tax: 3.417 RSD
Izuzetno lep teleskopski štap namenjen ribolovu iz čamca, izrađen od HM karbona dodatno ojačan kevla..
3.570 RSD Ex Tax: 2.975 RSD
Shimano Nexave AX TE GT 7 -48%
Extreme power and stiffness are two main characteristics of this highly versatile rod, suitable for ..
15.296 RSD 7.931 RSD Ex Tax: 6.609 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.
These short and powerfull all-round rods are great for stalking small rivers, streams and lakes. The..
5.820 RSD Ex Tax: 4.850 RSD
3 Kraft = 3 Power! These 3 sectioned all-round rods are designed to suit most ledgering or heavier f..
6.460 RSD Ex Tax: 5.383 RSD
SPRO Boxxer Allround 2.40m/30-60gr Out Of Stock
Boxxer II Allround 60 Unique allround rod that can be use for spinning with heavy lures and also fo..
1.835 RSD Ex Tax: 1.529 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.
A complete new series of telescopic rods made from solid composite carbon material. The Carbonizer o..
4.120 RSD Ex Tax: 3.433 RSD