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Carp Reels

Carp Reels
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Balzer Alegra AX BR Out Of Stock
Nov model mašinice za šaranski ribolov iz Alegra serije koja pleni lakoćom pokretanja ručice i ..
6.960 RSD Ex Tax: 5.800 RSD
This powerful pilking reel has an absolutely indestructible gear, extra strong axle and an aluminium..
5.600 RSD Ex Tax: 4.667 RSD
Balzer MK Adventure BR Out Of Stock
The reels have an amazingly soft, precision-controlled free run and a fan-tastic price/performance r..
6.990 RSD Ex Tax: 5.825 RSD
Balzer Tactics Gold BR Out Of Stock
A superb reel series with a wonderful price/performance ratio. Not only do the reels look very attra..
4.750 RSD Ex Tax: 3.958 RSD
Balzer Tactics Ultralight Feeder Out Of Stock
Both light and method feeder-fishing are becoming increasingly popular. We have already done justice..
7.621 RSD Ex Tax: 6.350 RSD
• 6 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing• One-Way clutch anti-reverse system • Graphite body and rotor •..
7.840 RSD Ex Tax: 6.533 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.
Cresta Method Blaster Out Of Stock
• 6 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing • One-way Clutch Anti-reverse system • Graphite body and roto..
6.762 RSD Ex Tax: 5.635 RSD
Strong reel width Baitrunner system. TECHNICAL DETAILS - 5+1 Steel ball bearings - CNC handle - ..
5.690 RSD Ex Tax: 4.742 RSD
The reel is equipped with five ball bearings and one way clutch bearing. Gear assembly of high quali..
8.090 RSD Ex Tax: 6.742 RSD
Strong reel width baitrunner system, ideal for carp fishing. • 9+1 Steel ball bearings of which 3..
6.960 RSD Ex Tax: 5.800 RSD
Strong reel width shallow spool ideal for carp fishing. Kod Model Broj ležaja..
8.800 RSD Ex Tax: 7.333 RSD
Strong carp reel width free spool system. • 6+1 Sealed stainless ball bearings • Freespool syste..
7.950 RSD Ex Tax: 6.625 RSD
Quick has a reputation when it comes to carp reels. Strong reels with a spool design for covering di..
12.970 RSD Ex Tax: 10.808 RSD
Ryobi NAXO (Full Metal) Reel Out Of Stock
Inžinjeri iz Ryobi-ja uložili su mnogo znanja i truda da naprave novi model metalnog "SNAGATORA" (ko..
11.640 RSD Ex Tax: 9.700 RSD
Based on 7 reviews.
The large line retreive of 100cm per turn makes Black Pit the ideal candidate for fishing at larger ..
7.380 RSD Ex Tax: 6.150 RSD
This freeliner reel features an easy grip adjust knob for quickly changing the freeline drag. Elemen..
4.690 RSD Ex Tax: 3.908 RSD
• 7 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing • One-way Clutch anti-reverse system • LCS Line-Control-System ..
6.790 RSD Ex Tax: 5.658 RSD
SPRO HARDLINER PRO LCS 5000 • 4 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing • One-way clutch anti-reverse..
5.740 RSD Ex Tax: 4.783 RSD
Based on 9 reviews.
• 2 ball bearings + 1 needle bearing • Graphite body and rotor • S-curve oscillation system • Gra..
3.000 RSD Ex Tax: 2.500 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.
• 6 Ball bearing + 1 needle bearing • One-way Clutch anti-reverse system • Graphite body and rotor c..
4.890 RSD Ex Tax: 4.075 RSD
Based on 2 reviews.