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Bolognese Rods

Bolognese Rods
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Colmic Fiume XXT 180 Out Of Stock
Napravljen je od Aerospace-Fibre M55-60 karbona i Pro Force carbona. Mala težina, odličan balans i v..
27.369 RSD Ex Tax: 22.807 RSD
Colmic Fiume XXT 250 Out Of Stock
Bolonjez srednje oštre akcije, sa osetljivim vrhom i odličnim balansom. Fiume XXT 250 je predviđen z..
28.800 RSD Ex Tax: 24.000 RSD
Colmic Vision 150 Out Of Stock
Lagan bolonjez, tankog blanka, predviđen za srednje laki ribolov. Idealan je za situacije kada se ko..
11.128 RSD Ex Tax: 9.274 RSD
Bolonjez velike snage i odličnog odnosa cene i kvaliteta. Napravljen je od Proo Force karbona i opre..
9.733 RSD Ex Tax: 8.111 RSD
No compromise was made when developing these high value for money Bolognese rods. Available in three..
1.720 RSD Ex Tax: 1.433 RSD
Maver Arthemis Out Of Stock
​Model Arthemis je novitet za 2016 godinu i naslednik je čuvenog Potent štapa, njegova unapređena ve..
19.790 RSD Ex Tax: 16.492 RSD
This bolognese rod is a ‘entry level’ and can be used as a universal rod for fishing in lakes or oth..
5.580 RSD Ex Tax: 4.650 RSD
Maver Invincible bolognesse -16%
Maver Invincible dizajniran za lov velikih riba, težine bacanja do 80gr.  Inovativna tehnologij..
28.390 RSD 23.900 RSD Ex Tax: 19.917 RSD
​Nobody could imagine that we were able to update one of the most representative and famous prod..
35.000 RSD Ex Tax: 29.167 RSD
Original Bolognese all-round rod that has features of readiness and extremely balance. Brand new res..
23.870 RSD Ex Tax: 19.892 RSD
Maver Super Penna MX New
A Reglass (made in Italy) project of undoubted technical and qualitative thickness. Specific rods ha..
21.050 RSD Ex Tax: 17.542 RSD
Maver Superlithium Super Leggera MX Out Of Stock
The Superlithium Super Leggera is the top of the new series of 2018. The name is everything! Its big..
27.600 RSD Ex Tax: 23.000 RSD
Nova serija snažnih bolonjeza napravljenih u Italiji u fabrici Reglass, namenjenih za ribolov krup..
31.800 RSD Ex Tax: 26.500 RSD
Salt water is like blood in the veins of this Bolognese rod, the Super Veloce was studied to face ve..
34.800 RSD Ex Tax: 29.000 RSD
Maver Zaffiro bolo Out Of Stock
A real balanced and stiff bolo that shows a tip-progressive action. Is simply the ideal for who want..
8.990 RSD Ex Tax: 7.492 RSD
Shimano Catana EX TE GT 5 (4-20gr) -28% Out Of Stock
The action and feel of the Catana EX TE GT 5 is remarkable. Light to hold, even at longer lengths, t..
14.219 RSD 10.223 RSD Ex Tax: 8.519 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.
Shimano Nexave CX TE GT 5 (4-20gr) -37% Out Of Stock
Novi Shimano Nexave CX TE GT 5 pruža odličnu kotrolu ribe, veliku uravnoteženost i fin osećaj prilik..
16.848 RSD 10.600 RSD Ex Tax: 8.834 RSD
Shimano Nexave TE GT 6 (4-25gr) -48% Out Of Stock
Shimano teleskopski štap Nexave TE GT 6 je prijatno iznenađenje za mnoge ribolovce širom Evrope. Tan..
18.387 RSD 9.534 RSD Ex Tax: 7.945 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.
Shimano Technium AX TE GT 6 (4-25gr) bolonjez -35%
Technium TE GT najnovija tehnologija u pravljenu bolonjez štapova sa veoma mnogo biokarbonskih vlaka..
20.107 RSD 13.069 RSD Ex Tax: 10.891 RSD
Based on 4 reviews.
Shimano Technium EX TE GT 5 -37%
Serija Shimano Technium EX TE GT 5 bolonjez štapova (sa sprovodnicima). Štap ima veoma brzu vršnu ak..
18.857 RSD 11.820 RSD Ex Tax: 9.850 RSD
Based on 1 reviews.