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Vision Attack Line
STANDARD LINES - MOTHER OF THEM ALL A line originally made to be clearly visible, slick and ..
2,773din 2,298din
Ex Tax: 1,915din
Vision CULT Line
Cult 9-12m head Cult DT and WF lines follow AFTM weights exactly. So if they feel too light it's yo..
4,889din 3,998din
Ex Tax: 3,332din
Vision Dacron Backing 20lb/91m (white)
DACRON BACKING Our highly visible fluerescent standard green backing will not lose its colour w..
589din 481din
Ex Tax: 401din
Vision Ikon waders
The new IKON waders are replacing the old Extremes with a big boost. They have been developed based ..
Ex Tax: 18,096din
Vision Presentation2 Line
A triangle profile type line. It gives you optimum line turn, delicate presentation, an easy and ele..
6,637din 5,426din
Ex Tax: 4,521din
Vision Thermal Pro overall - polartec
Our very popular Thermal Pro overall is the best value mid layer fleece available. Its simple des..
12,096din 10,346din
Ex Tax: 8,622din
Vision Atom jacket (breatable)
Bad weather can surprise you even in summer. Get ready for it and have Atom in your back pack’s pock..
11,773din 10,552din
Ex Tax: 8,793din
Vision Attack Fly Reel
This lightweight full-aluminium reel with adjustable disc drag offers fantastic value and good pe..
5,393din 4,410din
Ex Tax: 3,675din
Vision Extend Line
For those who want to combine long and accurate casts. It may need some skill and a bit of castin..
5,461din 4,465din
Ex Tax: 3,721din
Vision Felt soles
Vec posle prve godine intenzivne upotrebe, filc na đonu se troši i tanji. To smanjuje njegovu spo..
2,302din 1,882din
Ex Tax: 1,568din
Vision Nano Mono 13'5"
Nano Mono leaders offer you two options for that special moment when you are facing the greatest ..
548din 438din
Ex Tax: 365din
Vision Prisma fluoro tippets 50m
Prisma is totally new fluorocarbon in our range. It has great knot strength and it is easy to tie..
484din 426din
Ex Tax: 355din
Vision Speed Jacket - green
Speed is a unique jacket in its price range. With 3-layer design it is lightweight and comfortable t..
21,638din 17,752din
Ex Tax: 14,793din
Vision Vector Jacket
The Vector jacket is also a three-layer jacket, made from F3.5 fabric, and it doesn’t have a mesh..
13,806din 11,760din
Ex Tax: 9,800din