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Zašto Shimano? Širom planete, Shimano je sinonim za ribolov. Osnovan je početkom 1920. od strane Shozaburo Shimano. Shimano je počeo kao kompanija poznata po preciznom inženjeringu. 1970. godine Shimano pokreće proizvodnju ribolovnog pribora. Proizvedene su prve serije štapova i mašinica DUX. Danas se smatra za prethonika u inovacijama proizvoda i lidera u industriji ribolova. Već dugo je prisutan na tržištu Srbije i uživa poverenje velikog broja ribolovaca.


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Shimano Aerlex PG Reel
The Shimano Aerlex XSB 8000 is a front drag reel that comes from the cult-like Aerlex range. T..
Ex Tax: 10,392din
Shimano Aerlex XT-A Spod
At long last Shimano has entered the world of dedicated spod reels. Waiting a while has had its adva..
Ex Tax: 10,336din
Shimano Aernos FA reel
The new head of Shimano’s highly regarded P4 series. This reel has to be considered as more value fo..
12,288din 11,261din
Ex Tax: 9,384din
Shimano Aero Feeder FA reel
Aero Concept The new Shimano Aero concept harnesses the power of Shimano’s strong engineering backg..
Ex Tax: 16,250din
Shimano Aero Match FA
Aero Concept The new Shimano Aero concept harnesses the power of Shimano’s strong engineering..
Ex Tax: 15,680din
Shimano Aero Spinning FA Reel
The spinning Aero Concept version is equipped with a 4,8:1 gear ratio which allows the angler to wor..
Ex Tax: 16,666din
Shimano Alivio CX Feeder
The new entry level Alivio CX Feeder offers value for money and refined performance. Available in Li..
Ex Tax: 5,792din
Based on 1 reviews.
Shimano Alivio CX Match (5-20gr)
The new Alivio CX reinforces Shimano’s commitment to producing great rods in all price categories..
Ex Tax: 5,934din
Shimano Alivio CX Specimen
The ever popular Alivio range of specimen rods has been completely reworked, and the new blan..
Ex Tax: 4,937din
Shimano Alivio CX Spinning
Alivio CX Spinning is our entry level spinning rod range and wears the Shimano name with pride. T..
Ex Tax: 3,248din
Shimano Alivio CX TE GT 5 (4-20gr)
The new Alivio CX TE5 is our entry level telescopic rod. Available in three sizes 4, 5 and 6 meters ..
Ex Tax: 3,261din
Shimano Alivio DX Specimen Spod (3.66m/5.5lb)
Alivio Specimen carp rods are designed for anglers on a small budget but feature many of the hall..
Ex Tax: 7,628din
Shimano Alivio FA Surf
The Shimano Alivio FA family of land based reels has been design from the ground up with our P3 phil..
Ex Tax: 5,115din
Shimano Alivio FC reel
The moment anglers lay their hands on this 2012 catalogue there is a great chance that many of them ..
Ex Tax: 2,660din
Shimano Alivio FD
For anglers wanting Shimano reliability and quality at a budget price the Alivio FD takes some beati..
Ex Tax: 2,707din
Shimano Alivio RC reel
The new Alivio RC has already been a massive success since it’s mid season launch earlier this year...
Ex Tax: 2,660din
Shimano Aspire CX Spinning 300H 3.00m/20-50gr
An impressive total of 20 Aspire CX family, and Shimano have covered all the bases with these premiu..
Ex Tax: 35,773din
Shimano Aspire Ultra AX TE GT 5 (4-20gr)
Aspire is Shimano flagship Bolognese telescopic rod range and the new Aspire Ultra AX TE GT 5 offers..
Ex Tax: 19,408din
Shimano AX FB Spinning reel
With Varispeed™ and Dyna-Balance®, you can count on the AX reel for long casts and smooth retrieve..
Ex Tax: 2,296din
Based on 1 reviews.
Shimano Baitrunner 4500B
As the name suggests, Shimano’s ground-breaking BaitRunner threadline was designed with bait fishing..
Ex Tax: 13,582din
Shimano Baitrunner DL FA Reel
Set to cause a sensation in 2010, Shimano are proud and excited to introduce front drag Baitrunners ..
Ex Tax: 8,076din
With its midnight blue body and gunmetal grey Cold Forged Aluminium main spool, Baitrunner DL also c..
Ex Tax: 8,822din
Shimano Baitrunner OC
Also known as the USA Baitrunner, or the Baitrunner Oceanic, the Shimano Baitrunner OC is now availa..
Ex Tax: 13,432din
Shimano Baitrunner ST FA
The revolutionary front drag/small size technology seen on the hot new Baitrunner DL duo is also ava..
Ex Tax: 7,179din
In classic black with an XT7 spool finished in silver, the ST models are packed with far more advanc..
Ex Tax: 6,284din