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Carp Rigs

Carp Rigs

Within Carp Rigs group of products, offers you carp rigs ready to use, as well as components for systems made by the user, for the realization of concrete situations on the water. They are integral part of every fisherman’s equipment.

Carp rigs have practical application not only in carp fishing but in sport fishing other fish species. All components are compatible, made of quality materials in natural, olive green color without smell.

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Strategy Soluble Foam Chips
Deze rig foam biedt de karpervisser bij elke worp het vertrouwen dat zijn rig perfect ligt en zijn aaspresentatie optimaal is. Een totale controle is wat hij wil, de totale controle is wat Strategy water soluble foam hem biedt! Leverbaar in stan..
Ex Tax: 449din
Carp System Buffer Beads (10pcs)
color: olive pack: 10 pcs ..
Ex Tax: 54din
Carp System Conical Tubes (10pcs)
color: olive pack: 10 pcs ..
Ex Tax: 54din
Carp System Foam Tablet
Plivajuća pena u tabli, veoma korisna za izradu sopstvenih oblika podizača sa mogućnošću dipovanja. Dostupna u dve boje: žuta i oranž. ..
Ex Tax: 81din
Carp System Hair Stops (2pcs)
color: olive pack: 2 pcs ..
Ex Tax: 87din
Carp System Helicopter (3pcs)
The system in which, during the flight through the air, rig rotates around basic line, by which it was named - Helicopter. It is excellent for fishing on muddy grounds, as is for the long casts, where it reliably solves the tangling problems. It c..
Ex Tax: 286din
Carp System Multi Clip (20 kom)
Ex Tax: 178din
Carp System Rig Foam (20pcs)
Floating foam sticks with diameter of 8 mm, four colors with dominant yellow, intended for more and more popular zig-rig technique or as a common elevators for bigger bait. ..
Ex Tax: 102din
Carp System Rig Tube (2m)
Rig Tube is flexible, soft, sinking tube, useful for making different fishing systems and montages. It’s part of the system structure and protects both the line from the damages and fish from injuries, which could be caused by the sharp stri..
Ex Tax: 54din
Carp System Safety Bolt Rig (3pcs)
Sistem prilagodljiv svim situacijama, izuzetan za teške terene sa puno podvodnih prepreka (granje, vodeno rastinje...). Prilikom zakačinjanja "safety" kopča oslobađa olovo i ostavlja direktan kontakt sa ribom. Takođe omogućava brz..
Ex Tax: 286din
Carp System Safety Bolt Rig Kit (5 systems)
Pakovanje sadrži komponente za 5 safety sistema, i to: 5 safety kopči + 5 konusnih tubica + 5 standardnih virbli. ..
Ex Tax: 109din
Carp System Safety Clips (10pcs)
Boja maslinasta, pakovanje 10 komada. ..
Ex Tax: 59din
Carp System Shrink Tube (0.6m)
Thermo-shrinking tube shrinks to 1/3 of starting diameter on higher temperature. It’s mostly used on hook (better hooking) or swivel (anti tangling), but it can also be used for different variants of your own montages. We offer it in..
Ex Tax: 76din
Carp System Silicon Sleeves (10pcs)
Dužina 2 cm. Pakovanje 10 komada. ..
Ex Tax: 54din
Carp System Silicon Tube (1m)
Bužiri sačinjeni od silikona u tri dijametra 0,75mm; 1,00mm; 1,25mm. Služe za obezbedjivanje nemrsivosti predveza kada se montiraju preko virble i predveza, ili udice. Mogu se koristiti i kao bužiri za plovke... ..
Ex Tax: 46din
Carp System Soft Connector (0.6m)
Izuzetno meko crevo, veoma korisno pri montiranju mnogobrojnih ribolovnih sistema, kao i pravljenju polu fiksih montaža. Idealno paše na krutu cevku ispod modela olova TC i VC, gde omogućava konekciju virble i dobijanje polu fiksne montaže...
Ex Tax: 32din
Carp System Swivel (20kom/vel.10)
size: No 10 pack: 20 pcs ..
Ex Tax: 109din
Carp System Swivel Lock (20kom/vel.10)
Size: 10 20 pcs ..
Ex Tax: 205din
Carp System Tulip Beads (10pcs)
Boja maslinasta, pakovanje 10 komada. Za virble veličine 10 i 12. ..
Ex Tax: 54din
MarosMix Carp Bait Stopper
Stoperi dostupni u dve dužine: 10mm i 12mm i 4 boje: providna, braon, žuta i crvena. ..
Ex Tax: 85din
MarosMix Carp Silicone Hair Rigs (24pcs)
Mekani i rastegljivi, pakovanje od 24 komada, 3 modela: - Kratki 15mm - Dugi 22mm - Kružni: 22mm ..
Ex Tax: 127din
SPRO Carpiste Boilie Rig
Odlične SPRO šaranske vezane udice za boile "Carpiste Standard Boilie Rig". Pakovanje sadrži 2 vezane udice sa predvezom od 25cm nosivosti 25lb. ..
Ex Tax: 78din
SPRO Carpiste Boilie Stopper
Sometimes your hair is a little too short and you need to tie a new one. With these bait stoppers you can easily extend the length of your hair without tying a new one. This saves you precious fishing time. Available in the sizes ´small´ and ´large´..
Ex Tax: 85din
SPRO Carpiste Rolling Swivel #8/ Quick Lock Snap
Strong, size #8 swivel for changing a rig fast. They are used with inliners but are developed to fish with swivel lead. The mat finish prevents reflection underwater and offers the perfect camouflage. This offers a substantial advantage compared to n..
Ex Tax: 403din
Strategy Quick Change Swivel #8
Strong Carp Swivel size #8 that will fit most conventional safety clips. Ideal to change rig quick and often. The mat coating prevents reflection of light and offers the perfect camouflage which of course gives a huge advantage over uncoated swivels...
Ex Tax: 379din