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Carp Reels

Carp Reels
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Ryobi Proskyer CARP
Novi model Ryobi mašinice namenjen modernom šaranskom ribolovu. Carp je modifikovana i unapređena verzija legendarnog modela Proskyer Nose Power. Opremljena je worm šaftom i sa dve aluminijumske špulne za ekstremno daleke izbačaje. Hit kod ev..
Ex Tax: 8,663din
Ryobi Proskyer Nose PRO Power
A superb reel, designed for extreme casts when beach casting and carping. The precision worm shaft gearing provides for perfect line lay. The „Tangle Guard“ system eliminates nesting problems. Further technical features include: 4 ball bea..
Ex Tax: 6,324din
Based on 6 reviews.
SPRO Incognito LCS 8000
• 7 Stainless steel ball bearings + 1 needle bearing • One-way clutch anti-reverse system • LCS Line-Control-System • Lightweight body and rotor construction • Wormshaft oscillation system with Power-drive mainshaft • Twistfree..
Ex Tax: 8,312din
Based on 5 reviews.
Balzer Blueberry 5000 BR
The new reel concept: Small corpus, big spools! The Blueberry reels represent a new reel concept: a small reel corpus with a big spool. The large diameter of the spool with its thick core provi des two clear advantages over conventional spools: - D..
Ex Tax: 5,291din
Balzer Syndicate Surf 7650
A perfect symbiosis of technology and beauty! Our Syndicate feeder reels enjoy an excellent reputation amonth feeder anglers. The great price-performance ratio in particular is unbeatable! In the form of the Syndicate Pilk and Syndicate Surf ..
Ex Tax: 6,756din
Mikado Delight 750
  Excellent carp reel equipped with free spool system. Body and rotor made od hardened, very stiff graphite. Equipped with steel ball bearings with ceramic coating protecting against corrosion. Recommended for far distance, bottom fishing..
Ex Tax: 3,469din
Mikado Manaro
Modern, light, carp reel equipped with free spool system. Made of the highest quality materials. Perfectly balanced. Works smooth. Recommended for carp fishing as well as hunting for predators with living bait.   Model ..
Ex Tax: 3,148din
Ryobi NAXO (Full Metal) Reel
Inžinjeri iz Ryobi-ja uložili su mnogo znanja i truda da naprave novi model metalnog "SNAGATORA" (kompletno metalna), sa  "long cast" kalemom (za daleke zabačaje) i modernim dizajnom. Telo mašinice i rotor napravljeni su od veoma laganog i ja..
Ex Tax: 8,742din
Based on 7 reviews.
Shimano Aerlex PG Reel
The Shimano Aerlex XSB 8000 is a front drag reel that comes from the cult-like Aerlex range. The Aerlex range has a number of long standing followers and this addition is bound to keep this allegiance well and truly alive. It features Shiman..
Ex Tax: 10,392din
Shimano Aerlex XT-A Spod
At long last Shimano has entered the world of dedicated spod reels. Waiting a while has had its advantages. We have been able to design a reel specifically for this demanding technique. The Aerlex XT-A spod has 3 line clips, allowing anglers to confi..
Ex Tax: 10,336din
Shimano Baitrunner 4500B
As the name suggests, Shimano’s ground-breaking BaitRunner threadline was designed with bait fishing in mind. The body is made of light-weight and non-corrosive graphite, there’s an aluminium spool with a line keeper clip, three A-RB bearings and one..
Ex Tax: 13,582din
Shimano Baitrunner DL FA Reel
Set to cause a sensation in 2010, Shimano are proud and excited to introduce front drag Baitrunners in 2500 and 4000 sizes on a premium technology platform. By mastering the difficult task of producing a reliable, high performance Baitrunner in small..
Ex Tax: 8,076din
With its midnight blue body and gunmetal grey Cold Forged Aluminium main spool, Baitrunner DL also comes with a spare XT7 spool as standard. Both have prodigious line capacities - 500m of 0.30mm on the 10000 and 270m on the 6000 - and are powered by ..
Ex Tax: 8,822din
Shimano Baitrunner OC
Also known as the USA Baitrunner, or the Baitrunner Oceanic, the Shimano Baitrunner OC is now available to the UK market through Ted Carter. For USA Baitrunner lovers on a tight budget. An affordable new USA baitrunner still packed with unique Shi..
Ex Tax: 13,432din
Shimano Baitrunner ST FA
The revolutionary front drag/small size technology seen on the hot new Baitrunner DL duo is also available to a large extent - but at a lesser price - on the new 2500 and 4000 Baitrunner ST reels. XT-7 spools have respective capacities of 160 and 260..
Ex Tax: 7,179din
In classic black with an XT7 spool finished in silver, the ST models are packed with far more advanced features than you'd reasonably expect to find on what is now the entry level Baitrunner. Line lay is immaculate thanks to our Varispeed system whic..
Ex Tax: 6,284din
Shimano Beastmaster XS-A Reel
The New Shimano Beat Master XSA is an extremely robust reel suitable for casting heavy leads and reaching big distances. A powerful 4.6:1 ratio gives this reel immense winding power plus fitted with Shimano's instant drag allowing quick adjustment of..
Ex Tax: 9,868din
Shimano Big Baitrunner XT-A LC Reel
The original Big Baitrunner LC had an unsurpassed reputation as the definitive ‘Big Pit’ reel. In fact it started the trend for big reels over 15 years ago. Its replacement, the sleek, modern, XT-A LC, is set to enhance the reputation further. Power..
26,215din 23,098din
Ex Tax: 19,248din
Shimano Medium Baitrunner XT-A LC Reel
This is the new Medium Baitrunner Reel from Shimano. Based on the extremely popular Baitrunner Long Cast Reel, this new version features a number of new upgrades making it the ultimate Carp Fishing Reel. Ultimate long range Carp and Specimen Re..
24,445din 21,571din
Ex Tax: 17,976din
Shimano Titanos 5500 XSA
With the introduction of the Titanos 5500 XSA Shimano have made compact sized reels available at an affordable price. This handy mid-sized reel will be loved by many specialist or feeder anglers who are after extra spool capacity. Attractively priced..
Ex Tax: 11,617din
Shimano Ultegra C14 XSA
Shimano - Ultegra CI4 XSA When it comes to extreme distance casting, more speed equals more distance. That's why we have used Ci4 (an exclusive blend of carbon and polyamide), to build the super lightweight "Big Pit" Ultegra XSA Ci4. The largest..
Ex Tax: 24,165din
Shimano Ultegra XS-C
A unique new family of reels in 4 different sizes starting with 2 compact models (4500 / 5500) and 2 big pit /surf sizes. An excellent mid-priced reel fitted with Shimano’s Instant Drag. In comparisson to the previous Ultegra XS series we proud to ad..
Ex Tax: 16,583din
SPRO Boxxer LCS 1.000
- 1 ležaj - grafitno telo i rotor - S-curve sistem oscilacije - grafitni kalem sa namotanim najlonom - balansiran rotor i ručica - fino podesiva kočnica Model           Težina &n..
Ex Tax: 1,490din
SPRO Hardliner Pro LCS 10.000
SPRO Hardliner LCS Pro 10.000 •9 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing •One-Way Clutch system •LCS Line Control system •Extra strong bailarm system •Super stable line roller system with twist-free function •Graphite body and rotor construct..
Ex Tax: 4,356din
Based on 7 reviews.
SPRO Hardliner Pro LCS 5.000
SPRO HARDLINER PRO LCS 5000 • 4 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing • One-way clutch anti-reverse system • LCS Line Control system • Extra strong bail system • Super stable line roller system with twist-free function • Graphit..
Ex Tax: 3,083din
Based on 8 reviews.