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Carp Leads

Carp Leads

Within Carp Leads group of products, we are offering the whole range of models and sizes intended for different conditions on the water. Variety of shapes and weights enables use in almost all situations (lakes or running waters, extreme castings, feeder method...), and guarantees stable flight and non-tangle of rigs.

All Carp Leads are coated with thin, top-quality plastic in natural decor. During strokes, thin plastic layer changes shape together with the lead. Impossibility of oxidation makes them environmental-friendly.

We are sure that numerous models will fulfill the needs of even the most demanded fishermen.

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Carp System Eccentic (2pcs)
This is the newest, exclusive model, one more in the "Carp System" collection. It unites all good qualities of other models. It can be used for steady waters as well as for running ones. It is made for short and medium distance fishing. ..
Ex Tax: 100din
Carp System Flatliner Pear (2pcs)
This is a very popular flat shape in very attractive "In Line" version. It can be used for fishing in still waters, but mostly in running waters, since its' flat side nicely lays down on slopes and the water can't move it. There is a rig tube connect..
Ex Tax: 112din
Carp System Long Cast (2pcs)
The name describes the main characteristic of this lead. It is useful for longer casts, with all benefits of the "In Line" system. Simple – Efficient – Precise. ..
Ex Tax: 100din
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Carp System Long Cast Hard Tube 30cm (10pcs)
Hard Tube 30cm ..
Ex Tax: 409din
Carp System Long Distance (2kom)
Olova posebne namene ..
Ex Tax: 154din
Carp System Marker Lead (1kom)
We present an unusual lead to you, which appearance reminds of an arrow top, and it’s an obligatory part of every fishermen’s equipment. Carp fishing competitors don’t leave their homes without it. Marker Lead is used in preparation phase of fishi..
Ex Tax: 68din
Carp System Arrow (hard tube 30cm) 10pcs
Leads With Hard Tube (hard tube 30cm.) ..
Ex Tax: 371din
Carp System Extra Heavy
Ex Tax: 539din
Carp System Feeder Lead (3pcs)
Višenamensko olovo u "In Line" izvedbi, koje se može koristiti samostalno (kao olovo), ali i sa hranom kao klasična hranilica. Takmičari je koriste sa režnjevima sunđera potopljenim u DIP-u. U gornjem delu, u konusnoj tubici, može se montirati crevo ..
Ex Tax: 157din
Carp System Flat Swivel Pear (10 pcs)
Ex Tax: 399din
Carp System Heli-Zip (10pcs)
Ex Tax: 618din
Carp System Swivel Arrow (10 pcs)
Ex Tax: 363din
Carp System Swivel Ball (10 pcs)
Ex Tax: 438din
Based on 1 reviews.
Carp System Swivel Long Cast (10pcs)
Ex Tax: 438din
Carp System Ultra Cast (3pcs)
Ex Tax: 162din