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Shimano Catana AX TE 4 (3-15gr)
Klasični Shimano takmičarac / petljaš štap od TX40 karbona + Geofibre sa jakim donjim segmentima štapa i oštrom vršnom akcijom. Težina bacanja je od 3 do 15 grama. Model                Duž..
Ex Tax: 7,538din
Shimano Catana DX TE 2 (2-8gr)
Shimano Catana DX TE 2 je napravljen od XT40 Shimano karbona. rezultat je tanak blank štapa koji je savršen za lov plovkom tanjim strunama. CATANA EX TE 2 Model Number Length (m) ..
Ex Tax: 9,381din
Shimano Catana EX TE 5 (4-20gr)
The action and feel of the Catana TE GT 5 is remarkable. Light to hold, even at longer lengths, the action 5 model has great tip speed and all round casting performance, plus power in the middle section to control large fish. All models are fitted wi..
11,259din 9,571din
Ex Tax: 7,976din
Shimano Nexave AX TE 4 (3-15gr) Pole
Nexave AX TE 4 / GT offers great balance and finesse for a superb price. Built on a XT 60 carbon blank, this new model is designed for 3 to 15g rigs and offers versatile performance covering a wide range of uses. The GT version is fitted with Shim..
Ex Tax: 7,049din
Shimano SpeedMaster BX TE 2 (2-8gr)
The new Speedmaster BX TE 2 makes full use of HPC (High Pressure Carbon) technology combined with HPC 200 carbon resulting in a lighter, stronger and more responsive rod that works exceptionally well even at the longest lengths in up to 9.0 metres..
Ex Tax: 18,353din
Shimano Super Ultegra TE 4 GT
The Super Ultegra TE4 is a brand new set of rods designed for competition fishing but equally suited to medium. Available in lengths of 5, 6, 7, and 8 m all have a casting weight rating of 3 -15g. SUPER ULTEGRA TE 4 GT Mod..
Ex Tax: 15,979din
Shimano Super Ultegra TE 6 (4-25gr)
The Super Ultegra TE6 are a series of very strong Bolognese rods which handle beautifully at any length. Ideal for use on large rivers or lakes full of carp - the overall strength will surprise you. Also equally at home when used for sea fishing a..
Ex Tax: 17,476din
Shimano Technium AX TE 4 (3-15gr)
Shimano model Technium AX TE 4 je veoma jak štap sa izuzetno osetljivim vrhom što omogućava da bacate i najmanje mamce. Materijal blanka je Shimano karbon XT100 + Geofibre. Model Dužina štapa Transportna duži..
Ex Tax: 12,711din
Shimano Technium CX TE 5 (4-20gr)
Teleskopski takmičarski (petljaš) štap bez sprovodnika za pecanje na plovak. Štap je modernog dizajna sa T-Curve i SAS tehnologijom što mu daje odlične karakteristike. Dužina           Transpor..
Ex Tax: 8,840din
Shimano Technium EX TE 5
The new Technium EX TE5 is one of only a few that can boast a 9 meter rod within the range. It has a very stiff tip action and is a very strong rod that can cover a variety of situations both in fresh and saltwater. Constructed using HPC 100 + Bio..
Ex Tax: 12,918din
SPRO Technica Carbon Tele
Jak karbonski teleskopski stap sa dobrom akcijom i prihvatljivom cenom. Model                             Dužina     ..
Ex Tax: 3,472din
SPRO Telefish Outfit
Gotov sistem za pecanje takmičarcem. U paketu se nalazi štap, gotov sistem sa plovkom, najlonom i udicom. Plus vadilica za udice. Dužina                Transportna duži..
Ex Tax: 689din