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Fishing Line

Fishing Line
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Strategy Leadcore 35lb/10m Camou Weed
- novi ultra mekani leadcore sa fenomenalnom bojom - težak - težina 3.5gr/100cm (35lb) & 3.75gr/100cm (45lb) - optimalan kamuflažni dizajn - visoko otporan na habanje - perfektan za pravljenje sistema - lako se veže - lako uklanj..
Ex Tax: 802din
Sufix Black Silt 20m
The black link is made with exclusive strippable outer skin with sheath properties which help you tie any types of advanced rig presentations. Diameter (mm) Strength (kg) Strength (lb) Color Package size ..
Ex Tax: 983din
Sufix Heavy Core 10m
Heavy Core's tight braid construction reduces water drag and allows it to settle against the contours of the lake or riber bed. Easy to splice. Heavyweight leader and hook link material. ..
Ex Tax: 753din
Sufix Herculine Blend 20m
A round and hollow sinking braid that can be easily knotted or spliced to offer a wide variety of rig presentations. Soft and supple. Available diameters Diameter (mm) Strength (kg) Strength (lb) Color Package ..
Ex Tax: 595din
Sufix Magician 20m
Fine diameter, super strong braid made with Dyneema® fibers, extremely soft and supple. Weighted to sink to the bottom offering a superb bait presentation. Diameter (mm) Strength (kg) Strength (lb) NA 11.4..
Ex Tax: 708din