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Fishing Line

Fishing Line
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Strategy Leadcore 35lb/10m Camou Weed
- novi ultra mekani leadcore sa fenomenalnom bojom - težak - težina 3.5gr/100cm (35lb) & 3.75gr/100cm (45lb) - optimalan kamuflažni dizajn - visoko otporan na habanje - perfektan za pravljenje sistema - lako se veže - lako uklanj..
Ex Tax: 802din
Vision Wireline 6m
This soft, plastic coated wire is designed for pike, barracuda and other type of toothy “friends”. It can be easily looped with a melted loop or tied with a normal clinch knot. The 6 meters spool is enough for several leaders. There are three diff..
1,258din 1,071din
Ex Tax: 893din