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Vision Attack Rod
These rods are the perfect choice for your first rod, or if you just want to increase your arsenal to suit different kinds of fishing with just a small financial outlay. The T-24 carbon allows the rod to bend from the butt, so small mis-timings in..
13,440din 10,991din
Ex Tax: 9,159din
Based on 1 reviews.
Vision Nite Rod
Vision is famous for its long term quality products. When we come up with something new it is always the result of a long history of development. To build a rod even better than our world famous 3Zone was a challenge. To make this in a four piece ..
17,203din 15,113din
Ex Tax: 12,594din
Vision Cult Fiber
They are back! Modern fiberglass rods are not like their predecessors. These are light and responsive and yes, you can really fish with them. They even cast far! Cult Fibers have deep, soft action but they still have loads of hidden power. We desi..
13,467din 11,472din
Ex Tax: 9,560din