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Mikado Dino Evolution 25m
New generation, universal fishing line made in Germany. Extremely strong and very soft. Practically, has no memory. An excellent abrasion resistance allows using this line for many seasons. Almost invisible in the water. Perfect line recommended f..
Ex Tax: 68din
SAASME Samuline Fluorocarbon 50M
50M mm 0.08 0.09 0.10 0.12 0.14 0.16 0.18 0.20 0.22 kg 0...
Ex Tax: 582din
Keeper Tippets
High quality monofilament for tippets 0X - 5X in 50m spools 0,30mm - 0,45mm in 30m spools Item codes KT0, KT1, KT2, KT3, KT4, KT5, KT6, KT30, KT35, KT40, KT45 ..
Ex Tax: 216din
Tubertini Carbon Ghost 50m
Tubertini Carbon Ghost is produced with pure top quality polyvinlidene flouride (Fluorocarbon) and stands head and shoulders above more common fluorocarbon lines for performance quality. In addition to the line being virtually invisible in water the ..
Ex Tax: 582din
Tubertini Gorilla FLY  (100m)
Najlon namenjen mušičarima mm             kg 0,120         2,090 0,140         3,300 0,160&nbs..
Ex Tax: 437din
Vision Nano Mono 13'5"
Nano Mono leaders offer you two options for that special moment when you are facing the greatest challenge of the day. Shorter leaders for bit easier fisheries and longer ones for those vary wild fishes on crystal clear mountain streams. 2.7m lead..
548din 438din
Ex Tax: 365din
Vision Prisma fluoro tippets 50m
Prisma is totally new fluorocarbon in our range. It has great knot strength and it is easy to tie, thanks to a special coating and slightly bigger stretch. It is still hard material so it gives you great turnover if you are using heavily weighted ..
484din 426din
Ex Tax: 355din