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Vision Attack Line
STANDARD LINES - MOTHER OF THEM ALL A line originally made to be clearly visible, slick and high floating and dressed with good turnover ability to serve both beginners and advanced fishermen. The result was that our pros nearly ripped these ..
2,773din 2,298din
Ex Tax: 1,915din
Vision CULT Line
Cult 9-12m head Cult DT and WF lines follow AFTM weights exactly. So if they feel too light it's your previous rod or previous line that matched incorrectly. Cult lines have a softer coating to optimize presentation. These lines have classic WF ..
4,889din 3,998din
Ex Tax: 3,332din
Vision Dacron Backing 20lb/91m (white)
DACRON BACKING Our highly visible fluerescent standard green backing will not lose its colour with time. Fluorescent backing is made of Dacron with a very fine and low- stretch braid. With it you willhave more backing capacity, as it is exceptio..
589din 481din
Ex Tax: 401din
Vision Presentation2 Line
A triangle profile type line. It gives you optimum line turn, delicate presentation, an easy and elegant line pick up with minimum surface disturbance. Handles long leaders and small-med flies easily. Presentation2 is extremely well adapted to lon..
6,637din 5,426din
Ex Tax: 4,521din
Vision Bakkari backing
Bäkkäri is a new extensive (12 products) backing family for the season 2013. It consists of strength categories 12, 20 and 30 lbs. Available depending on the strength in 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 250m and 2500m spools. Extra thin, highly visible and ..
470din 384din
Ex Tax: 320din
Vision Braided Loops
For easy connection of fly line and leader we offer custom made braided loops. The stronger 40lb. versions can also be used to connect shooting heads. Vision loops have a fine braid for durability and best fit. For a perfect fit they come with two..
581din 493din
Ex Tax: 411din
Vision Extend Line
For those who want to combine long and accurate casts. It may need some skill and a bit of casting experience, but with this line, you’ll love it. Ask your friend to wade to the other bank to prove that the fly did smoothly hit the target, not ano..
5,461din 4,465din
Ex Tax: 3,721din
Vision Vibe 125
New super coating – with Teflon®! Our Vibe lines have a long lasting slick and supple coating which remains memory free even in cold conditions. The slickness is achieved by adding Teflon® particles to the coating and this way the slickness does..
5,326din 4,560din
Ex Tax: 3,800din