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1,939din 1,581din
Ex Tax: 1,317din
Based on 2 reviews.
SPRO Runnix Indicator Set 3+1
6,266din 4,700din
Ex Tax: 3,917din
Based on 2 reviews.
Vision Attack Line
STANDARD LINES - MOTHER OF THEM ALL A line originally made to be clearly visible, slick and ..
2,773din 2,298din
Ex Tax: 1,915din
Vision CULT Line
Cult 9-12m head Cult DT and WF lines follow AFTM weights exactly. So if they feel too light it's yo..
4,889din 3,998din
Ex Tax: 3,332din
Vision Dacron Backing 20lb/91m (white)
DACRON BACKING Our highly visible fluerescent standard green backing will not lose its colour w..
589din 481din
Ex Tax: 401din
Vision Presentation2 Line
A triangle profile type line. It gives you optimum line turn, delicate presentation, an easy and ele..
6,637din 5,426din
Ex Tax: 4,521din
Vision Thermal Pro overall - polartec
Our very popular Thermal Pro overall is the best value mid layer fleece available. Its simple des..
12,096din 10,346din
Ex Tax: 8,622din
Gamakatsu Fleece Jacket (black)
This fantastic lightweight fleece jacket just begs to be worn in each fishing session, but also in d..
5,251din 3,793din
Ex Tax: 3,161din
Gamakatsu G-Line Topcaster 150m
Designed for all types of reel fishing, this co-polymer line features a great tensile and knot st..
664din 449din
Ex Tax: 374din
Gamakatsu Hooded Sweat Shirt
Kombinacija 80% pamuk i 20% poliester težine 400gr/m2, duks sa kapuljačom, ima jedinstvenu kombin..
5,251din 3,793din
Ex Tax: 3,161din
Based on 4 reviews.
Gamakatsu Super G-Line Flex 150m
Super G-Line Flex This superb fishing line casts further and more accurate than any other line. It ..
794din 595din
Ex Tax: 496din
Gamakatsu Super G-Line Flex 300m
Super G-Line Flex This superb fishing line casts further and more accurate than any other line. It ..
1,202din 900din
Ex Tax: 750din
Shimano Aernos FA reel
The new head of Shimano’s highly regarded P4 series. This reel has to be considered as more value fo..
12,288din 11,261din
Ex Tax: 9,384din
Shimano Big Baitrunner XT-A LC Reel
The original Big Baitrunner LC had an unsurpassed reputation as the definitive ‘Big Pit’ reel. In fa..
26,215din 23,098din
Ex Tax: 19,248din
Shimano Medium Baitrunner XT-A LC Reel
This is the new Medium Baitrunner Reel from Shimano. Based on the extremely popular Baitrunner Long ..
24,445din 21,571din
Ex Tax: 17,976din
Shimano Rarenium CI4 FA
CI4 stands for Carbon Interfusion with the 4 referring to the number of electrons in the Carbon atom..
23,392din 20,856din
Ex Tax: 17,380din
Based on 1 reviews.
Shimano Sustain FG
Sustain has been a household name for years in the USA & Australia and with good reason every ne..
35,213din 30,947din
Ex Tax: 25,789din
SHIMANO Technium FC Reel
One look at the Technium FC tells you this is a reel for serious anglers and the performance matches..
15,410din 13,077din
Ex Tax: 10,898din
Twin Power FC mašinice nasleđuju svoje FB prethodnike u skladu sa Shimano težnjom da tehničke novite..
41,126din 36,988din
Ex Tax: 30,824din
SPRO Airbody Perch 10cm (3 pcs) -25%
265din 199din
Ex Tax: 165din
Based on 4 reviews.
SPRO Airbody Perch 15cm (2 pcs) -25%
265din 199din
Ex Tax: 165din
Based on 3 reviews.
SPRO BlueArc Tuff-Body 7000 - 2 alu-spool
•6 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing •One-way clutch anti-reverse system •TuffBody aluminum design ..
7,899din 5,937din
Ex Tax: 4,948din
Based on 1 reviews.
SPRO Clubwinner Carbon Tele Handle
Jaka i kruta karbonska drška meredova za lako manevrisanje. Dužina: 4.00m Transportna dužin..
4,052din 3,040din
Ex Tax: 2,533din
SPRO Cresta Team Feeder 150m
Cresta Sinking Feeder Mono is a sinking, strong and supple monofilament designed for Feeder fishi..
520din 500din
Ex Tax: 417din
SPRO Dragmaster EC-Class 4.000
• 3 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing • Fighting Drag on rear side of the body • One-way clutch ant..
3,084din 2,778din
Ex Tax: 2,315din