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Vision CULT Line -18%
Cult 9-12m head Cult DT and WF lines follow AFTM weights exactly. So if they feel too light it's yo..
5,239din 4,284din
Ex Tax: 3,570din
Vision Thermal Pro overall - polartec -14%
Our very popular Thermal Pro overall is the best value mid layer fleece available. Its simple design..
12,960din 11,085din
Ex Tax: 9,238din
600D Strategy Thermo Baiting Bag -25%
A very practical waist bag with an adjustable belt and an optional strap for your neck to keep the b..
2,056din 1,542din
Ex Tax: 1,285din
Gamakatsu Fleece Jacket (black) -25%
This fantastic lightweight fleece jacket just begs to be worn in each fishing session, but also in d..
5,347din 4,010din
Ex Tax: 3,342din
Gamakatsu G-Hybraid 135m -25%
An amazingly new development in line manufacturing, produced by the innovative ‘Hybrid-Formula’ syst..
3,709din 2,782din
Ex Tax: 2,318din
Based on 1 reviews.
Gamakatsu G-Line Camon -25%
A new Mula nylon monofilament line with unique features; the special dyeing process combines a mud b..
2,822din 2,117din
Ex Tax: 1,764din
Gamakatsu G-Line Topcaster 150m -25%
Designed for all types of reel fishing, this co-polymer line features a great tensile and knot stren..
796din 597din
Ex Tax: 498din
Maver Aslan Spin -32%
6,680din 4,550din
Ex Tax: 3,792din
Maver Ethian Spin New -35%
Još jedan Maver-ov varaličarac u japanskom stilu izrađen od IM-8 karbona, lagan, oštar i odlično bal..
6,853din 4,440din
Ex Tax: 3,700din
Maver Jurassic TLS-J1 SL -44%
Jurassic je izrađen od Super HM karbona, tanak je u prečniku, lagan i ekstremno brze vršne akci..
20,998din 11,700din
Ex Tax: 9,750din
Based on 1 reviews.
Maver Lucky Bolo -15%
Ovaj model bolonjeza napravljen je od HR karbona izuzetne čvrstoće i elastičnosti. Štap je lagan, sa..
6,182din 5,259din
Ex Tax: 4,382din
Shimano Aernos FA -34%
The new head of Shimano’s highly regarded P4 series. This reel has to be considered as more value fo..
12,564din 8,266din
Ex Tax: 6,889din
Based on 1 reviews.
Shimano Alivio CX Feeder -10%
The new entry level Alivio CX Feeder offers value for money and refined performance. Available in Li..
8,129din 7,344din
Ex Tax: 6,120din
Based on 1 reviews.
Shimano Alivio CX Match (5-20gr) -10%
The new Alivio CX reinforces Shimano’s commitment to producing great rods in all price categories. T..
7,629din 6,867din
Ex Tax: 5,723din
Shimano Alivio CX Specimen -8%
The ever popular Alivio range of specimen rods has been completely reworked, and the new blanks ha..
6,348din 5,861din
Ex Tax: 4,884din
Shimano Alivio FA Surf -33%
The Shimano Alivio FA family of land based reels has been design from the ground up with our P3 phil..
6,250din 4,173din
Ex Tax: 3,478din
Shimano Baitrunner DL FA Reel -17%
Set to cause a sensation in 2010, Shimano are proud and excited to introduce front drag Baitrunners ..
10,384din 8,654din
Ex Tax: 7,212din
Shimano BAITRUNNER DL RA Reel -9%
With its midnight blue body and gunmetal grey Cold Forged Aluminium main spool, Baitrunner DL also c..
11,343din 10,356din
Ex Tax: 8,630din
Shimano Baitrunner OC -14%
Also known as the USA Baitrunner, or the Baitrunner Oceanic, the Shimano Baitrunner OC is now availa..
17,270din 14,832din
Ex Tax: 12,360din
Shimano BeastMaster BX Specimen Carp Rods -11%
Clearly recognised for their strength, the Beastmaster range also features an SDR spineless construc..
16,145din 14,331din
Ex Tax: 11,942din