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Shimano Diaflash ST-A Spinning

Shimano Diaflash ST-A Spinning
Shimano Diaflash ST-A Spinning Shimano Diaflash ST-A Spinning
Brand: Shimano
Product Code: SDFSTA
Reward Points: 124
Availability: In Stock
Price: 16,730din
Ex Tax: 13,942din
Price in reward points: 2490

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lthough presented at a lower price than their advanced XT-A equivalents, our Diafl ash ST-A range is certainly not lacking in cutting-edge features. With Shadow Diafl ash and Dyna Butt technology on XT100 + Biofi bre blanks, Ti-Lite Guides, Shimano DPS reel seat and optional balance weight, these are quality rods ready to do battle with anything that comes their way. As well as a vast choice of lengths and strengths within the 21-strong family, we’ve also included some 3 and 4 piece models in the longer rods to suit those who’d like to take them on their travels.

For the generalist to the specialist
Lure fi shing becomes ever more refi ned and specialised. New techniques and approaches come up year after year. Shimano’s skilled rod designers and consultants have responded by creating technique dedicated rods for specialist anglers. If you are looking for dropshot, jigging, jerking, casting or regular spinning; Shimano will help you out!







Casting Weight

SDFSTA18L 1.80m 92cm 106g 7 2 3-14g
SDFSTA21ML 2.10m 108cm 126g 9 2 7-21g
SDFSTA21M 2.10m 108cm 128g 9 2 10-30g
SDFSTA24L 2.40m 124cm 161g 10 2 3-14g
SDFSTA24ML 2.40m 123cm 161g 10 2 7-21g
SDFSTA24M 2.40m 123cm 170g 10 2 10-30g
SDFSTA24MH 2.40m 123cm 182g 10 2 14-40g
SDFSTA27ML 2.70m 138cm 170g 10 2 7-21g
SDFSTA27M 2.70m 138cm 180g 10 2 10-30g
SDFSTA27MH 2.70m 138cm 189g 10 2 14-40g
SDFSTA27H 2.70m 138cm 206g 10 2 20-50g
SDFSTA27XH 2.70m 139cm 206g 10 2 50-100g
SDFSTA30MH 3.00m 153cm 222g 11 2 14-40g
SDFSTA30H 3.00m 153cm 236g 11 2 20-50g
SDFSTA30XH3 3.00m 104cm 279g 11 3 50-100g
SDFSTA30XH 3.30m 80cm 257g 11 4 50-100g
SDFSTA33MH 3.00m 168cm 242g 11 2 14-40g
SDFSTA33XH3 3.30m 114cm 309g 11 3 50-100g
SDFSTA33XH 3.30m 87cm 286g 11 4 50-100g
SDFSTA36XH3 3.60m 125cm 334g 11 3 50-100g
SDFSTA36XH 3.60m 95cm 323g 11 4 50-100g


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