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SPRO Dragmaster EX-Class 8.000

-30% Nema na lageru SPRO Dragmaster EX-Class 8.000 (SPRO mašinice) -

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Pregleda: 7770 Brend: SPRO
Šifra artikla: 1176
Nagradni bodovi: 30
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SPRO Dragmaster EX-Class 8.000

• 7 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing
• Fighting Drag on rear side of the body
• One-way clutch anti-reverse system
• Graphite body and rotor
• S-curve oscillation system
• Strongbail
• Aluminium spool
• Graphite spare spool
• Balanced rotor
• CNC aluminium handle
• Finely adjustable multi-disc rear drag system
• Patented Dragmaster system

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1176 840






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SPRO Dragmaster EX-Class & EC-Class casting reel; Master your Drag performance!

Our promise: maximum control over your drag during the fight. And that promise is kept by the SPRO Dragmaster reels!

The patented dragsystem guarantees a very broad radius of drag adjustment with a simple twist of the Dragmaster knob. This fast adjustment offers that extra bit of security and comfort to safely land the biggest fish!

The Dragmaster Multi-disc Drag offers great advantages compared to a traditional drag.

First, anglers can fish with thinner lines. Thinner lines normally mean a better bait presentation and therefore MORE FISH! An angler that fishes with thinner lines normally sets its drag looser to prevent line breakage. This does mean that the fish gets more chance to spook other fish from the fishing spot and to win the fight. When the Dragmaster drag is used, the drag can still be set tight; the angler has all control to quickly loosen the drag in case of a run. Also, when fishing close to snags etc., the drag can be easily tightened.

With a conventional drag multiple rotations of the dragknob are necessary to fully use the drag setting, a simple twist of the Dragmaster knob (maximum ca. 140° rotation) provides a setting of about 50% of the drag setting… with other words: a simple adjustment of the Dragmaster knob can change the drag into the desired position. Especially with aggressive takes and hard ‘runs’ this is an absolute advantage.

Compared to many other reels with the so called fighting drag system, the Dragmaster reel offers a larger radius. In simple words other fighting drags offer an adjustment from A to A-3 and A+3 whilst the Dragmaster system has a radius of A-8 and A+8.

Next to that, a wrongly adjusted drag can be directly reset to prevent line breakage.

Especially for this Dragmaster function a new lightweight reel is designed that fits this patented system. 2 versions have been extracted: a version with 8 and a version with 4 ball bearings. Both versions have an anti-reverse needle bearing.
The Dragmaster EC and EX suit the demands of the modern angler in terms of design and performance. They are designed with an aluminum spool and graphite spare spool, and an aluminum CNC handle with soft-touch handle knob. Both the EX and EC versions feature the edge-cutting S-Curve oscillation system. A good oscillation system is a ‘must’ for making far, exact and controlled casts. Next to this, the multi-speed oscillition system is an excellent choice for using thin braided lines. The cross-winded linelay guarantees a minimum resistance of the spool during the cast. Result: further and more accurate casting! The EX version with 8 ball bearings also features a special black rubbercoating, for extra added comfort.

The Dragmaster reels are available in sizes 20, 30, 40 and 50 so that the right reel can be choosen for all freshwater fishing disciplines.

During the intensive development- and testperiod the Dragmaster reel has been succesfully used in the following disciplines:

  • Barbel fishing
  • Float and surface fishing for carp
  • Spin fishing
  • Dead-bait fishing
  • Trout fishing
  • Feeder fishing

Our consultants value the Dragmaster for its secure and fast drag setting, constant and steady line release even under the heaviest conditions.

Check out the SPRO Dragmaster at your local tackleshop and be surprised by the excellent product characteristics of the Dragmaster EX 8.000 and EC 4.000 reels!

Klizna kočnicaZadnja
Nikola Miljkovic dana 11/06/2014
Ocena: 5
Imam 3 ovakva komada odlicni su i moze se izvuci dosta dobrih riba od po 4-5kg
ratkoml dana 29/04/2014
Ocena: 5
nebi da ulazim u raspravu ali ja imam masinice, 3 komada koristim celu prethodnu sezonu i nemam nikakvih zamerki. Masinice rade odlicno. Ne mogu da se pohvalim nekim velikim komadima ali sa njima sam vadio komade od 4kg bez bilo kakvih problema
Drasko dana 28/04/2014
Ocena: 5
Milane, zasto ocajna, hocu da ih kupim 3 komada?
Milan dana 30/10/2013
Ocena: 5
Ocajna, bacene pare!!!!!!
aleksandar dana 21/01/2013
Ocena: 5
odlicna je extra super je xD

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